Thursday, March 31, 2016

Why is Hrithik Roshan being projected as the culprit?


If you think I am starstruck and a die hard fan of Hrithik, let me give you a disclaimer. I am no Bollywood fanatic, nor do I idolise any celebrity. But this one time, I felt the need to speak out for one. For some time, I will keep the celebrity aspect aside. But whenever there is a feud between a male and a female, it irks me how a male is blamed. Can we simply get over this stereotypical notion that the guy is always wrong?

Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut have filed legal notices to each other. Though they are both Bollywood celebrities and are highly subjected to media glare, we need to understand that this matter is their personal one. And having faith in the Indian judiciary, we should allow law to take its course, rather than jumping the gun and making assumptions or passing remarks about any of the two.

Also, it is appalling how some media publications are being biased and publishing one sided views about the matter in question. Whatever happened to responsible journalism! I have personally been following the reporting of this case on different platforms. I was taken aback by the way the matter has been reported day in and day out. To make things worse, this particular website called Pinkvilla is leaving no stone unturned to present Kangana Ranaut as the 'Queen' (pun intended). Honestly, one look at their PINK webpage, and you will know that the organisation is biased towards women.

I also found out from my 'SOURCES' (wink wink) that a reporter from Pinkvilla is good friends with Kangana Ranaut! Well then. Entire case decoded! Now I understand why the website goes raving about Kangana, gets exclusive interviews with the actress and well, is now supporting Kangana in her feud with Hrithik.

After all these findings, I was not surprised to know that Hrithik Roshan now has a legal notice for using the word 'Pope' in his tweet dated 26th January! Why did this not happen then? Why is it happening now? Also the lawyer in the case is the same who represents Kangana. Too much of a co-incidence, ehh? It's a child's play to connect the dots.

We don't know what interest Kangana holds in stooping so low to harm the reputation of Hrithik. But the lady sure knows her game well. Her PR machinery and her media contacts are working well for her. Amidst all this, I only hope that truth prevails. Also more power to Hrithik.

Friday, December 18, 2015

    Bajirao Mastani. Informative but not entertaining. Well-researched but not well-executed. The general viewers can't be expected to have out-and-out knowledge about historical occurences and we required a little more simplification and thorough narration in the film. No time zones have been mentioned for the viewer's information and the time lapses happen without being mentioned which makes the story difficult to be decoaded.
     Also, we find linked events missing in between sequences. Deepika Padukone conceiving Ranveer Singh's child all of a sudden is not justified; both Ranveer's sons growing up to a few years older isn't justified either. Including detailings would have made it easier to understood. We wish the director kept these points in mind. Quite confusing.